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Screen in Illusion  Ssu-Chi Hou Solo Exhibition





“Screen in Illusion” aims to transform the exhibition site into an image, i.e., the space from the ground floor to the top floor of Waley Art. By fusing digital images, spatial images, and video objects, the space becomes a field of images that mixes indistinguishable reality and virtual.

The screen is a well-used imagery technology in the digital era. Since the outer frame of the screen draws a boundary of images, does the image have (or can it have) a border? Ssu-Chi Hou proposes a technique of image mapping to turn the border into an image, blurring the boundary between image (virtual) and reality, and expanding the image beyond the border to digitize the real space. If reality tends to be illusory, what is most real at that moment is the original border that defines reality and illusion, and what the border refers to, and how to define what is inside and outside the border, are the questions raised in this exhibition.

On the upper floors, the border relationship is further extended to reality, capturing the light and frame of the exhibition, trying to overlap the images with the architecture. The natural light of the real world and the digital light of the virtual image intertwine, constantly framing the real and the virtual in and out of space. The floors create layers of stacked image space, which can be viewed as a compressed total image or broken down into separate experiences like layers. This exhibition invites the audience to re-examine the digital every day from different perspectives and to respond to the technical thinking and visual cognition generated by the image mechanism in our time while jumping out of the space where we are and cannot jump out of the scene.




作品曾獲北藝當代創作獎優選(2021)、宜蘭獎入選(2021)、新媒體藝術卓越獎首獎與入圍(2020、2018)、 世安美學獎_造型藝術類(2016)

Ssu-Chi Hou was born in 1996 in Taipei, Taiwan and currently lives and works in New Taipei City, Taiwan.

His works concerned on how people read digital images with modern image technology, and how reality is recognized in the information-encapsulated daily life. He works with image-operated video machine, which exists in both digital and real space, creates an image field by moving images in different dimensions. He uses different perspective to stimulate the viewer to consider the "truth" of the visuals they see. His images emphasize the nature of light and shadow, the materiality of images, and the physical experience of using digital images.

He has received awards from Contemporary Art Prize, Yilan Art Awards, Out Standing New Media Art Award, and SANCF Awards.




展期|2022/10/01(Sat.) -10/30(Sun.) ,10/10國慶日公休一天

時間|週一至週日 12:00-19:30


地址|臺北市萬華區萬大路 322 巷 6 號

開幕茶會|10/01(Sat.) 14:00


座談|10/23(Sun.) 14:00


主辦單位|水谷藝術 Waley Art

贊助單位|文化部、國藝會 、台北市文化局


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