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X 的閾限|李可穎個展

The Liminality of X   


《X的閾限》如一個未定地帶,蘊藏當中的界面空間尚待翻開。閾限空間在日常生活處境交疊,也出現在不同的時空裡。法國人類學家范金納普(Arnold van Gennep)在《過渡儀式》(Le Rites de Passage, 1909)中提出個體在不同時間場域下的轉換過程:分隔、過渡/閾限、聚合。香港藝術家李可穎視是次田野調查為閾限探索,在水谷藝術展示第一階段田野調查成果。她轉換日常生活狀態,以旅者身份對城市發展中的歷史場域展開另類觀察。她從艋舺清水巖祖師廟作起始點,回溯臺灣日治時期總督府圖書館藏書的流轉地。然而,探頭進去異域未必能凝視通道盡頭的一端,但通過者總能在能量中轉換,迎向另一端的時空。就如個體在戰爭空間經歷的閾限狀態帶動事物的流轉,衍生出新的路徑。

The Liminality of X, is like an undetermined space, embodies the hidden interface which has yet to be opened. Liminal space exists in the everyday life, and it can also be found in different time and space. In Les rites de passage (1909) by French anthropologist Arnold van Gennep, he mentioned about the three transformative phases that an individual experiences under different time and location: separation, transition/ liminality and corporation. Ho-wing Michelle LEE, a Hong Kong-based artist, explores liminality through the field research, and exhibits her first-phase research result in Waley Art. As a traveller, she changes her daily life practices, and develops an alternative observation on historical site in urbanism. Starting from Qingshui Temple in Wanhua, she traces back to the places where the books of the Library of the Governor-General of Taiwan were circulated during the Japanese Colonial Period. Yet, the end of the channels may not be detected visually, but the passer can convert the energy and unfold the spatial-temporal qualities on another space, in such a way that the liminal state experienced by individuals in the war space drives the flow of things and derives new paths.


李可穎畢業於香港中文大學藝術系碩士課程,居住及工作於香港。作品多通過聯想式的創意實踐和文獻研究,建立以影像和裝置藝術為主的創作框架。現專注於研究圖書館的歷史空間,以及圖書館被掠書籍的流轉及其存置痕跡。她常從史料原點延伸,作根莖式的探索,嘗試在文獻空間及社會狀態中尋找自我感知經驗在當下的意義。作品曾於蘇黎世藝術大學、南韓首爾美術館、Para Site等展出。

Michelle LEE Ho Wing obtained Master of Fine Arts degree from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She conceives a framework through archival research and creative practices in imaging and installation art. Michelle’s recent research focuses on the historical space of library, and the circulation of the looted library books in placement. She establishes rhizomatic interpretations that resonates with the original archival materials and social circumstances. Her projects have been exhibited in Zurich University of the Arts, Seoul Museum of Art, Floating Projects and Para Site.


展覽|《X 的閾限》


日期|2022/11/05(Sat.) -11/27(Sun.)

時間|週一至週日 12:00-19:30

地點|水谷藝術(臺北市萬華區萬大路 322 巷 6 號 )

開幕茶會|11/05(Sat.) 14:00

座談|11/05(Sat.) 15:00,與談人林宏璋教授

主辦單位|水谷藝術 Waley Art

贊助單位|文化部、國藝會 、台北市文化局


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