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Metaphors about Islands: Islands’ Shadows and Shadows’ Islands

▍計畫概念About the Program

水谷藝術受2021雅加達雙年展、策展團隊Gudskul、策展人羅秀芝邀請,共同策劃雅加達雙年展Ring Project《關於島嶼的隱喻》系列展覽。以島嶼作為抽象概念比喻人與群體的關係、政治文化差異、人類集體敘事、被遺忘的歷史以及對未來的理想。


Waley Art was invited by 2021 Jakarta Biennale, Curating Team Gudskul and Curator Sandy Hsiu-chih Lo to organize an exhibition series “Metaphors about Islands” of Ring Project together in 2021 Jakarta Biennale, using islands as metaphors to depict abstract concepts such as relationships between groups and individuals, different types of political cultures, collective narratives, forgotten histories, and ideal futures.

Participating artists includes Gudskul, an artist collective from Indonesia, Liang, Ting-Yu, Lin, Yan-Xiang and Kuo, Chin-Yun, artists from Taiwan, invited by Peng Tsai-Hsuan, Director of Waley Art Taiwan and Independent Curator Sandy Hsiu-chih Lo. Meanwhile, Waley Art presents a physical as well as an online screening program in collaboration with Gudskul in 2021 Jakarta Biennale.


▍台灣實體展出Exhibition in Taiwan

展期Exhibition Date|2021/12/18 (Sat.)–2022/1/16 (Sun.)


Waley Art (No. 6, Lane 322, Wanda Road, Wanhua District, Taipei City, Taiwan)


策展人Curator|羅秀芝Sandy Hsiu-chih Lo


藝術家Artists|Gudskul(印尼Indonesia)、梁廷毓Liang, Ting-Yu(台灣Taiwan)、林彥翔Lin, Yan-Xiang(台灣Taiwan)、郭敬耘Kuo, Chin-Yun(台灣Taiwan)


主辦單位Organizer|水谷藝術Waley Art

合辦單位Co-organizer|台灣文化產業學會Taiwan Cultural Industry Association

國際合作單位International Cooperators|Ring Project、Jakarta Biennale 2021、Gudskul

特別感謝Special Thanks|文化部Ministry of Culture

計畫總監Director|彭才瑄Peng, Tsai-Hsuan

計畫經理Project Managers|陳美智Chen, Mei-Chih、謝孟潔Hsieh, Meng-Chieh

展務助理Exhibition Assistants|倪華君Ni, Hua-Chun、鄭宇倢Cheng, Yu-Chieh

視覺設計Visual Designer|黃怡禎Huang, Yi-Chen



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