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對我來說,每一次的行為演練不是為了滿足表演而已,身體與空間、環境長時間的培養,以及從我的生活日常切換至不同的陌生文化,生活環境,產生的歧異或衝突往往才是我覺得最寶貴的- 關於身體的美學所在。

From 2006 to now, I have always put human body into the core of my works. In the beginning of my creative path, the body was just a medium for me to perform and then repeat that performance in front of the camera.As the experience increases, my works, which consists semi-performance video installation, has been slowly divided into 2 dimensions: the video medium and the location where the body perform. They interact with one another or more strangely, inactivate each other. 


The video works in this exhibition are all contain certain location where the performance happened. It can be in a studio, an art space or even a city that is unfamiliar to the audience. To me, the action came from my body was not only there to satisfy a performance, it was also there to draw my body closer to the environment I was lived in. The differences and the conflicts rise from the transition between daily life and strange culture is what I felt to be the most precious; where the aesthetics of the body is.





2015/11/30-12/20     B1-2F

座談│12/19(六)15:00 來賓 蕭翔鴻

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